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is determined to provide the service that will suit every client’s needs. With an objective of making our services more customizable, we created three different account types with different features and limits

what documents do i need to provide for trading?

In order to start trading, you have to provide a valid proof of identification (such as government issued identity card, driving license, passport), a valid proof of address and credit card information

how long does it take to create account?

It does not take more than just a few minutes. You just have to correctly fill out all the fields

how do i start trading after creating an account?

After the account is created, you already have an access on our trading platform. You can contact your account manager to get familiar with the platform and get helpful advices.

what account types can i choose?

We offer three different account types – Micro, Standard, and Premium account. You can choose the one according to your own needs. For more information visit our Account Types page

what is the minimum deposit for trading?

Minimum deposit to start trading is 250 units of your main currency. For example, if your main currency is USD, minimal amount of deposit is 250$. If it is Euro, then minimal deposit amount will be 250 Euros and so on.

what is the minimum/maximum amount of withdrawal?

For withdrawal, minimum amount is 50 Euro/USD (depending on your main currency) and there is no maximum amount. You can withdraw as much money as you have accumulated on your account

what leverage do you offer?

Leverage depends on an account type you choose. For Micro account maximal leverage is 200, for Standard account it is 300 and for Premium account leverage is 400

can i lose more money than i deposited?

No, you cannot lose more money than you deposited. That is because we have Negative Balance Protection and this way you are protected from losing more than your actual deposit and getting into debt..

where can i withdraw my funds?

You can withdraw funds on the same account you used for paying your deposit. In other words, be aware that you can only get your funds on the account from which you issued your deposit on our platform.

where do you keep my funds?

Funds are safely kept on accredited and credible bank account. We take safety seriously and always make sure that all our service providers are trustworthy organizations

how can i change my account type?

You can easily change your account type by contacting your account manager. Your account manager will consult you about each account type and help you to choose the right one

how long does it take to get my withdrawn money on my bank account?

The processing time it takes for the requested money to reach your credit card or bank account varies. We generally proceed the requested funds within 4-7 business days. Dep with legal 5-10 business days. The funds will be released on your account once your credit card merchant has debited the funds from our account. This process usually takes up to 5 business days. For more information visit our Deposits & Withdrawals page

what are commissions/fees for withdrawal?

Withdrawals will be charged a transaction fee of the following: 50.00 USD/GBP/EURO for wire transfers; 25.00 USD/GBP/EURO for credit cards plus a processing fee of 10.00 USD/7.00 EUR/5.00 GBP; 25.00 USD/GBP/EURO for ePayments. A levy of 10% of the withdrawal amount will be charged to any withdrawal from an account that has not executed more than 200 in turnover and/or from accounts that have not been verified. For detailed information, visit our Deposits & Withdrawals page